Kieker 1.3

Class PipeWriter

  extended by kieker.monitoring.writer.AbstractMonitoringWriter
      extended by kieker.monitoring.writer.namedRecordPipe.PipeWriter
All Implemented Interfaces:
IMonitoringRecordReceiver, IMonitoringWriter

public final class PipeWriter
extends AbstractMonitoringWriter

Andre van Hoorn, Jan Waller, Robert von Massow

Field Summary
static String CONFIG__PIPENAME
Constructor Summary
PipeWriter(Configuration configuration)
Method Summary
 boolean newMonitoringRecord(IMonitoringRecord monitoringRecord)
          Called for each new record.
 void terminate()
          Called by the Monitoring Controller to announce a shutdown of monitoring.
 String toString()
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Field Detail


public static final String CONFIG__PIPENAME
Constructor Detail


public PipeWriter(Configuration configuration)
Method Detail


public final void terminate()
Description copied from interface: IMonitoringWriter
Called by the Monitoring Controller to announce a shutdown of monitoring. Writers should return as soon as it is safe to terminate Kieker.

Specified by:
terminate in interface IMonitoringWriter
Specified by:
terminate in class AbstractMonitoringWriter


public final boolean newMonitoringRecord(IMonitoringRecord monitoringRecord)
Description copied from interface: IMonitoringRecordReceiver
Called for each new record. Notice, that this method should not throw an exception, but indicate an error by the return value false.

Specified by:
newMonitoringRecord in interface IMonitoringRecordReceiver
Specified by:
newMonitoringRecord in interface IMonitoringWriter
Specified by:
newMonitoringRecord in class AbstractMonitoringWriter
monitoringRecord - the record.
true on success; false in case of an error.


public String toString()
Specified by:
toString in interface IMonitoringWriter
toString in class AbstractMonitoringWriter

Kieker 1.3

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